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SNvD 2023@LNGS: International conference on Supernova Neutrino Detection
From Monday 29 May 2023 -  02:00pm
To Thursday 01 June 2023 - 06:00pm
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Speakers: Aldo Ianni (LNGS), Alessandro Mirizzi (BA), Francesco Vissani (LNGS), Walter M. Bonivento (coordinator) (INFN Cagliari), Carlo Bucci (co-coordinator) (LNGS)

- theory of SN emission

 -lessons from 1987A

- SN observations with photons 

- past detectors for SN neturinos

-detectors in the world ready to take SN neutrinos,

- situation at LNGS 

- SNEWS alert system. 

- new ideas

- diffused SN 


This  first edition of the conference will be located at LNGS and will be focussed on the legacy and strategy for Supernova Neutrino detection with detectors located at LNGS, in the international context
Location Main auditorium (LNGS)