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NuMass 2024 - Determination of the absolute electron (anti)-neutrino mass
Da Lunedì 26 Febbraio 2024 -  08:00am
a Venerdì 01 Marzo 2024 - 02:25pm
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Speakers: Lorenzo Ferrari Barusso (GE), Matteo De Gerone (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)

One of the major challenges in nowadays particle physics and astrophysics is the determination of the absolute neutrino mass scale. Its determination would answer one of the most important questions in physics. KATRIN experiment, designed for the direct determination of the effective electron anti-neutrino mass, has recently set a sub-eV limit. New experiments with H-3, such as Project8 and PTOLEMY, and with Ho-163, such as ECHo and HOLMES, are completing the R&D phase with the publication of new data.The goal of this international workshop is to better exploit the potential of current and future direct neutrino mass experiments and to provide a unique opportunity to discuss experimental details and theoretical implications in a synergistic setting.The topics to be covered by workshop include the following:Neutrino mass experimental overviews: neutrinoless double beta decay, cosmology, oscillations, sterile neutrinos, cosmic neutrino background...Direct neutrino mass measurements: beta decay and electron capture (EC) end-point studiesExperimental aspects: detector technologies, read-out electronics, data acquisition...Data analysis: signal processing, statistical data analysis, background studies, calibration methods, detector modeling...Theoretical description of beta/EC spectraThis meeting will bring together the direct neutrino mass experiment community and experts from neutrino physics, astrophysics, and cosmology to critically assess the prospects for the measurement of the neutrino mass.
Luogo Physics Department University of Genoa