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National Institute for Nuclear Physics

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CIMA - Carbon-Based Innovative Materials for Nuclear Physics Applications 

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CIMA aims to develop and study Carbon-based innovative materials for future applications in Nuclear and Applied Physics. 

In particular, the project will focus on Graphene Oxide (GtO) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO that can be manufactured as thin films using different chemical and physical techniques. Both materials present interesting chemical and physicals properties. GO is a perfect insulator whilst rGO is a semiconductor whose bandgap can be tuned depending on the reduction degree of the material. They are able to absorb gas, are sensitive to temperature and their electrical properties change under laser, x-rays and ionizing particles irradiation. 


CIMA is exploring the possibility to use this innovative materials for the production of sensors to be applied in the following field: 

  • Dosimeters for ionizing radiation
  • Stripper for ion acceleration
  • Target for laser-driven acceleration
  • Detector for photons and ionizing particles

Production, complete characterization and optimization of devices based on these innovative materials is underway.



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